Founding Members

Arthur Reed

Arthur was the proprietor of the well know local Jewelers Arthur Reads in Goole which is still located near the clock tower in the center of town today (2016). A well liked true gentleman.

Arthur Wiseman

Arthur for many years was the manager of Currys domestic appliances retail shop in Goole town center and actually won the very first Goole fishing match we have records for in 1949

Don Hopley

Don was the owner of a popular Fruit & Vegetable shop in Goole the name is still known in the town today (2016). Don is regarded by many as Goole DAA's most successful fisherman.

Louis Kraemer

Louis lived in Old Goole and worked as a clerk for Lep transport he later ran a fishing tackle shop down the Arcade in Goole.

Bill Bentley

Bill lived in Goole and worked as a milling engineer. His son and grandson both fished with the club and the family is still well know in Goole today (2016).

Jack Wood

Jack lived in Old Goole and worked on the Canal as a Tom Puddings foreman. Won the aggregate weight trophy on no fewer than four occasions.

Alec Johnson

Alec lived in Goole and worked as a fitter and turner. He fished some of the very first fishing matches we have records for! Alecs son and grandson still match fish today (2016) and are both called Alec.

Jimmy Mann

Jimmy lived in Goole and worked on the Railways. A very good angler won the aggregate weight trophy back in 1953.

George Thompson

Geroge lived in Goole and Owned a local Fish & Chip shop.